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ProBand Fineline Le Bleu

For waterborne and solvent paints.


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ProBand Fineline Le Bleu

  • Product # Width Quantity
    48675 1/16" x 60 yd 12 rolls/box
    48680 1/8" x 60 yd 12 rolls/box
    48685 1/4" x 60 yd 12 rolls/box
    48690 1/2" x 60 yd 6 rolls/box


    Le Bleu ProBand is a new generation fine line tape, specifically designed for use with all waterborne paint systems, solvent based paints, including airbrush paints. Le Bleu performs very well with low VOC, solvent based paints.

    • Adhesive base: Rubber crosslinked
    • Carrier: Stab. polymer film
    • Elongation: 180%
    • Temp. resistance 1h/130°C (266°F)
    • UV-resistance: Limited
    • Waterborne resistance: Excellent
    • Ridgidness: Medium soft


    ProBand Fineline Tapes Flyer

    ProBand Fineline Rouge & Le Bleu Tech Tips

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